Right at Dusk

Right at dusk the house starts to match how I feel.  The light reflected and glowing out the east windows still leaks into the rooms, but covered with the blue lamp shade of sky, it doesn’t glare or point out what’s not done.  This is the time for stopping or starting.

In the living room, the lamp in the west window echoes the glow gathering for sunset. And it throws just a little gold over the little chairs there; out of style, tufted chairs I bought down the street at a garage sale.  A friend burst into my bathroom one morning while I was putting on make up.  “You have to come get these chairs; they’re perfect.”  They are ugly in just the best way.  Our tall piano lives near them too, prettiest with my long-haired daughter curved over the keys.  Her curls in the way of her profile.

Cluttered always about are the remnants of some acoustic endeavor.  Sheets of music, guitar picks and cases, albums, books, pens, and speakers and so many guitars. Blankets abound, as do cats, in chairs.  A sleeping dog, pillows, and the wake of our comings and goings lay strewn about on the floor.

And most days amid all this are the sounds of a house alive, dog sighs, washing machine turning, music, porch swing squeaking, and doors opening and closing.  Always our blinds are up to let in the light and in warmer weather our windows and doors are always open with little, happy neighborhood sounds trickling in.

I am nearby in the picture as the coffee table has become my office.  Though the glare from the windows can be annoying on the computer screen, the couch is a comfortable place to sit and write and work.  And I like to spread out my things beside me and on the table.  Tea, books, iPad, pen, paper, phone, lamp light, socks, pillows, and a guitar.

If I have done my writing well, then you are hovering here now and the house has come alive for you in color.  There are happy people and animals living here.  So, I am going to tell you about them and me from time to time and you will come to love us, I hope, and laugh at us, I bet.  I invite you in; it is a privilege and a trust.  It is a happy home and comfortable and messy;  feel free to make a drink or get something from the refrigerator. Extra stuff in the garage frig FYI.  Bathroom is around the corner through the laundry room.  I hope you like music.






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    1. Haha….a zerbert is when you take a big breath, lean down on someone you love and blow tight against their skin to make a weird sound. Much easier to show than explain in writing. 😂


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