In my living room are two little arm chairs turned in toward one another. They sit in front of the windows off the front porch where I have a blue porch swing and a comfy green leaning back chair and yellow, pink, and blue flowers of every hue. Often, the windows between the porch and […]

Toward forgiveness. Letting go of deep hurt is a process.  Not one action but many over and over, which get easier as those muscles get stronger and more practiced. I have written before about my mother, who had me very young, but sacrificed and overcame and made the best of her life and mine.  I […]

Tomorrow I leave for tour.  I did all my laundry and packed yesterday, and it was a lot harder than it sounds to pack for ten days of shows and driving and looking cool in videos and being comfortable in the car. I still have plenty to do, but at least that part is done. […]

When my eyes are open but still, motionless, and comprehension of objects in my field of vision is incomplete, a moment exists for me internally when what my eye can actually see and what it imagines it sees are two different things. Within that moment are possibilities and ideas. For me this often happens in […]

“I learned the truth at seventeen that love was meant for beauty queens and high school girls with clear skin smiles who married young and then retired. The valentines I never knew, the Friday night charades of youth, were spent on one more beautiful. At seventeen I learned the truth. And those of us with […]

One beautiful night last summer, after a Taking Me Back rehearsal at Oxide, I was driving home with the windows rolled down and the music really loud, and I got this overwhelming feeling of contentment. Just a simple happiness that I didn’t want to end. A good thing accomplished, perfect weather, stars, music, good things […]

A friend of mine just passed away recently. He loved to hear me sing, and he used to come during rehearsals to hear Molly and me sing together. He would sit off to the side of the big concrete columns in his wheel chair, with his chin in his hand and a very serious look […]