Last April on a visit to the recording studio I played a few of my newly written songs for Tony. He said, “We should make a 70s album.” My eyes glazed over, and I was gone.

So, that’s what we did. I spent a few months re-listening to Joni Mitchell and Rickie Lee Jones and Fleetwood Mac. Hall and Oates, James Taylor (even though I know every syllable) Dan Folgelberg, Jackson Browne, and the Eagles. I took a detour through folk music and a little day trip through disco and 70s Top 40.

A forever-lover of these songwriters and their art, this renewed study gave me a new insight into their magic. Patience. All this music has patience. It’s confident enough in the listener to know that they will wait for the moment. Emotions are leveled in the first bars. There is no need for every wonderful thing to be let loose in the first 10 seconds. The song can breathe, as Tony says, and let everyone get in. When the time is right, goosebumps may be let loose. […]

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